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Vision Church

We are M+CORCH!

(Mission is a church with a national mission, Minister is a church that is willing to serve, and Motivation is a dynamic church).

Our goal: "Earn the land for inheritance"-preach the gospel, "consummate the saints"-build disciples, "do their duties"-enter into service, "build up the body of Christ"-open up the church.

At first, Daya Shangfeng Church was named because it was located in Shangfengli, Daya District, Taichung City.
Daya Shangfeng is located in the middle junction of Fengyuan, Shengang, and Daya District in Taichung. There has been no church established for many years.

In 1996, I moved the pioneering staff to see the need for the gospel in the Shangfeng area of ​​Daya. They sought God’s will in prayer and interceded for the local gospel work.

After five years of seeking and praying, the co-workers began to look for church development sites and meeting places in January 2011, and began negotiations on the first floor store of No. 151-2, Section 4, Minsheng Road, Shangfengli, Daya District. The location of the church hall is 25 pings, and the union has decided to formally sign a lease for one year in March 2011.

In October of the same year, due to lack of space, the church moved from its original location to No. 141, Section 4, Minsheng Road, Shangfengli, Daya District, Taichung City. After one year, due to the increase in the number of people and the expiration of the lease, the church moved to 138 Xuefu Road, Daya City. The scope of service also extends to the entire Daya district.

In November 2015, due to the lack of meeting space, the church once again moved the tent to its current location: 1st Floor, No. 1, Lane 641, Shenlin South Road, Daya District (Lanque Building).

At the beginning of the church meeting, the preacher and the other two families, a total of 7 people, started the meeting together, and the co-workers decorated the hall according to their gifts, with money and effort. At the same time, the equipment needed for the hall is also supported and dedicated by the Taipei Neihu Xinyou Hall, so that the equipment and equipment needed for the party can meet the demand.
Due to the grace of God and the dedication of brothers and sisters, Daya Shangfeng Church is slowly being built up, and the number of gatherings is also steadily growing.

We look forward to God's use of the church to be a blessing to the Taiga region, and to be built by God to become a golden lampstand in the Taiga region and to illuminate the whole earth.

​Our story is not over yet, wait for you to join us and write our story together...

Church History

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