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Online prayer meeting

Let's pray together!

Join the online prayer meeting at 7:00 pm every Wednesday

Let us work together...Looking up to God's grace, calling for God's mercy, entering into God's will

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You will be notified as soon as the weekly direct dial starts.

Please pray for me

Please tell us your prayer items and let us pray for you!

May 11:24 So I tell you, whatever you pray for, whatever it is, as long as you believe it is available, you will get it.


The prayer request has been sent, and may God bless you!


Worship God with dedication

2 Corinthians 9:7 Everyone should make whatever his heart decides, don't make things difficult, don't force it, because those who donate willingly are loved by God.

1. Mission and dedication: Donate for the pre-gospel work of the church, as well as for the missionary work of remote villages, tribes and foreign countries in Taiwan.
2. Thanksgiving dedication: offering a sacrifice of thanksgiving to God.
3. General dedication: Dedication to various ministries of the church.
4. Tithe: The Lord of Hosts said: You will send one-tenth of your dues into the warehouse so that my family can have food, so as to test me whether I will open the windows of the sky for you and pour blessings with you , And even nowhere to hold it. (Malachi 3:10)
5. Church building dedication: The church has been in a state of being crowded and under-used for a long time. I sincerely look forward to inviting you to pray and donate for the Daya Shangfeng Church’s building plan.

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