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Worship God with dedication

2 Corinthians 9:7 Everyone should make whatever his heart decides, don't make things difficult, don't force it, because those who donate willingly are loved by God.

1. Mission and dedication: Donate for the pre-gospel work of the church, as well as for the missionary work of remote villages, tribes and foreign countries in Taiwan.
2. Thanksgiving dedication: offering a sacrifice of thanksgiving to God.
3. General dedication: Dedication to various ministries of the church.
4. Tithe: The Lord of Hosts said: You will send one-tenth of your dues into the warehouse so that my family can have food, so as to test me whether I will open the windows of the sky for you and pour blessings with you , And even nowhere to hold it. (Malachi 3:10)
5. Church building dedication: The church has been in a state of being crowded and under-used for a long time. I sincerely look forward to inviting you to pray and donate for the Daya Shangfeng Church’s building plan.

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